What is a ceilidh? ... and other questions answered

A chance to meet people. To bring a community together. . To get on the dance floor when you wouldn’t normally. To find common cause. Maybe even to meet your future partner...

For some or all of these reasons we in Green Kite Ceilidh band love a good ceilidh. And it is our experience that 99% of people do in fact love a good ceilidh. Whether you’re old or young, gay or straight, green or blue, there will be something here for you.

The format is quite simple- our caller(s) will guide you and your partner through the steps of each dance before hand, assuming no prior knowledge. At the cry of ‘Green Kite Ready’, we then reel (or jig) off a set of lively tunes, while the caller keeps everyone in order. Many of the dances require couples, some threesomes (!), but it’s not essential to bring a partner as part of the fun is meeting people. There will be breaks, there can be food and drink, and even the odd song, depending on the evening.

We can play sets ranging from 15 minutes to 150 (with breaks!) so once you’ve read through the site and checked out the tunes, send us an email or give us a call to book your event!

Can you play barn dances?

Yes. With our mix of English, American, Irish and Scottish tunes (plus the odd Jewish one!), we can taylor your ceilidh to your preference. We can also play for Scottish or English country dancing.

I want to book you for my event, but I don’t have a clue about sound systems and venues.

Don’t worry, we can advise. Get in touch and we can give you a list of suggested venues. We are also working on a pa hire deal, so you can get a discount.

Do I have to wear a kilt?

No, although of course you’re welcome to!

Do you play events outside of London?

Yes, although we will have to cover our travel expenses in addition to our normal fees.

Upcoming Gigs

We don't have any gigs upcoming at the moment. If you would like to book us, please contact us.

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