So long, Oliver. You were the best foster dog!

So long, Oliver. You were the best foster dog!

I said goodbye to Oliver.

Oliver is a 90-pound yellow Labrador retriever. He is extremely smart, knows basic commands and has the energy to keep up with Roxy, my 2-year-old black Lab mix, but potential owners kept balking when they learned he was 8 years old.
After living at my house for almost three months, someone decided to take a chance on the big ol’ boy. Oliver left on a transport to upstate New York, where he will have a huge farm to roam as well as plenty of love. His new owners, their two sons, and 50 farmhands are anxiously awaiting his arrival. He’s already been dubbed the farm mascot.

I have mixed emotions about Oliver’s departure. After staying with me for so long, it felt like he was my dog. I know Roxy and I will miss him. But I am thrilled that Oliver landed such an amazing home. It’s also comforting that I had a hand in that.

Without the countless volunteers who open their homes, many dogs like Oliver would be euthanized at shelters that don’t have the space to keep them.

Have you ever been a foster parent (to a homeless pet)? If so, how did you like the experience? If not, would you consider it?

(Below is Oliver at his new home… Aww)

So long, Oliver. You were the best foster dog!

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